In 1947 Virginio Malvestiti, back from the war, gave birth in collaboration with some partners to a very small textile fabric, realizing very soon that, to satisfy his strong initiative, the only way was the entrepreneurial activity on his own.So in 1950 he founded Tessitura Sirio, which became, in 1984, Sirio Tendaggi Srl .Over the years he could rely on the precious collaboration of his daughters and their husbands.In 1992 the management and the ownership passed entirely to his son-in-law Mario Paganini, who lead the company to a further development, providing a strong increase to internationalisation and remarkably elevating the quality of the products .Since then , the company is located on the medium/high market level, exporting up to now about 70% of the production.In order to witness the importance of the familiar element in the company history, in 2009, the administration passed to the new generation with Mr Paganini’s daughter, Alessandra who had been working in the company for many years next to her father.